Divi WordPress Complete Review

Divi WordPress Review

Living things by their nature are designed to communicate. This is a fact that each creature on this earth expresses itself to its like-minded mates through some form of communication. This, of course, extends to human beings. From the dawn of humankind, it was apparent that he needed to communicate. This realization has arguably been one of the biggest driving forces in technological innovation. He would have started with his incoherent grunts, stringing these grunts together and giving them purpose and meaning. Tone was established. It became important, lending itself to the superior intellect of human beings that gave birth to primitive languages. Yet man was not satisfied with grunts and snorts. He continued to advance. Technology and research spurred his mind forward.

Then civilization was constituted into existence and with it, more refined ways of communicating. Soon, man had established symbols that held meaning. These written symbols made it easier for him to articulate. Yet he still continued to refine this concept, while trying to establish other methods of communication. Perhaps the most pivotal point in the history of human language came with the creation of the alphabet. With this new concept, he was able to establish sets of symbols that were understood universally. Each symbol would represent a sound, and man could form words, then sentences, then an entire vocabulary. He was able to express his emotions and this of course delighted him. Inspired by his environment, he wrote literature. He wrote poetry. He told epic stories, each unique to individual imaginations and experiences. Yet technology in this regard continued to advance. Man sought to further refine his methods of communication.

The need to communicate and the concept of communication were not the only factors to spur technology and societal advancements. When civilization was constituted into existence, communication eventually gave birth to the concept of commerce. You see, man with his individuality saw opportunities to trade. His individuality allowed him to recognize value. It started with bartering, then he established money. Like communication, the concept of money made life easier. Now he had a medium of exchange. This medium of exchange was universally accepted. So, from primitive grunts and snorts man ascended to a point where he could trade with his peers. Yet, technology did not stop there.

Distance was an issue. If man was going to engage in commerce and other communication reliant activities, how could he continue to do this if his peers were far away? He naturally looked to the environment for the answer and sure enough, he studied the creatures around him. Birds were able to move great distances in seemingly short time spans. With the science of their wings, surely man saw potential. He held dominion over these creatures. Just like with the beasts of burden like horses, oxen, donkeys, mules and others he sought to domesticate birds. To his delight, he found birds quite capable of doing his bidding. Pigeons were especially adept at aiding him in his communication and the concept of carrier pigeons was born. Now, with the aid of these birds he was able to communicate over larger distances. He sent his messages, received his replies and generally found longevity in commerce. At the same time he was developing new ways of transportation. These helped him by stretching the reach of his communication even further. Yet he was still not satisfied. Every generation of man found the need to iterate on the preexisting concepts of technology. He soon created machines capable of communicating over even greater distances. Telegrams, radio waves and even postal services helped him to communicate. By extension, they also facilitated commerce. Alexander Bell soon invented the telephone and this saw the concept of communication boom even more.

With the telephone, man was virtually unrestricted by distance. What made it even better, the process was almost seamless. One could speak directly to another person far across the distances and spaces in arguably real time. Of course, people sought to improve upon the concept of the telephone. This of course went in two directions.

In 1973 Motorola, a company with a business model centered around communication invented the cellphone. With this, people were no longer tethered to wires but could still enjoy the functions afforded by the telephone. This of course was huge. Commerce was slowly becoming easier and easier.

The other technological marvel that sought to iterate on the concept of the telephone was the internet. This new method of communication saw its birth in the 1980’s. It utilized the preexisting telephone lines to further enhance the capabilities of communication. Computers were connected across the world. These connections came to be known as networks.

Gradually as the years progressed, so did the technologies associated with the internet. Communication and by extension commerce became naturally easier. The internet surged in popularity to the point where it has now cemented itself in the various cultures across the world.

Remember when we established that communication using the telephone was almost seamless? Well the concept of the internet increased the capabilities of communication tenfold. Businesses saw the opportunities that the internet provided and sure enough, they began to migrate their business models to this phenomenal platform. This was the birth of e-commerce.

With the concept of the internet came maintenance of it. Websites and web pages have to exist somewhere, right? Groups of networks had to be established to manage and maintain centralized components of the internet. These are known as servers. Businesses quickly saw new potential in investing in these servers. You see, because the culture of businesses were shifting and e-commerce was slowly becoming mainstream, businesses rose to capitalize on the server concept. These businesses allowed organizations or individuals to virtually own a piece of the internet by creating and registering their websites or web pages. This is known as hosting and by extension, the companies that facilitate this are known as web hosting companies. A perfect analogy to understand this concept of web hosting is to imagine the internet in the same vein as the real estate industry. The web hosting companies would be the realtors. They would provide the properties for rent or sale in this virtual plain.

Hosting essentially allows companies to ply their goods and services in this new seamless fashion. Costs are almost non-existent and consumers are able to access the goods and services in convenient ways. Without the internet the concepts that contributed to the success of platforms like Google, Amazon, eBay, and Netflix would be virtually non-existent (though in the case of Netflix we can argue that they had a preexisting business model before streaming became the norm.)

Hosting in and of itself has become a lucrative business. Naturally, there are many players in this market. Those wishing to establish websites in this digital space of opportunity will find themselves spoiled for choice. In this customer centric environment that we now exist in it is important for the aforementioned web hosting businesses to give their best in order to compete effectively in this market. We have seen web hosting businesses like Bluehost, A2 Hosting, Hostgator and many others rise to prominence on the wings of innovation. However there is another company that is slowly carving out a niche for itself. It does not directly compete with the above mentioned web hosting companies. It actually compliments and enhances their functions. Websites need to be built, and this is the concept of Divi WordPress.

Divi WordPress Theme

What is Divi WordPress?

Divi WordPress was launched in 2012 as part of the offerings on the Elegant Themes platform. At launch, this web creation program was woefully lacking. Users complained bitterly about the lack of features. However the developers rolled up their sleeves and got to work with the aim of bringing the innovative concepts of Divi WordPress to what it is today. To say that we have seen improvements since 2012 is an understatement. The web building platform is now boasting with features, themes and other aspects of itself that lend heavily to the creative imaginations of web builders. The complaints were addressed – for the most part (we will dissect this later.)

In essence, Divi WordPress is an enhanced version of the current WordPress tool. In fact, the platform is advertised as the most universally popular WordPress theme. The page building attributes of Divi WordPress have seen praise across many user reviews. With its new iteration (Divi Builder 4) the platform seeks to simplify the process of website construction to an extent where it focuses on accessibility. With this in mind, the aim is to have something for both the seasoned website builder and the person who may be new to the WordPress program.

But, does Divi WordPress live up to the hype? Well, that is what we are here to find out.

A Welcomed Enhancement to an Already Simple Process

Divi WordPress falls in the category of programs that attempts to deliver something that you need but did not know that you needed. The aim is not to compete with the current WordPress platform, but to enhance it. Divi WordPress offers many amazing features that merge the current features available in the standard WordPress builder with the themes available on the Divi web building platform. It is a hybrid tool with a focus on giving its users a wholesale approach to web building.

Divi WordPress Advertised Features

  • Over eight hundred custom designs

Divi WordPress is said to have over eight hundred pre-made web designs that are available for free. These galleries are updated very often, with the guarantee that there is something for everyone. These come bundled with royalty free photos that enhance the authenticity of any web page. There are themes for:

  • E commerce
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Beauty
  • Services
  • Events
  • Health
  • Travel
  • Education
  • Blogging

…and many more!  Truly we can agree that this plethora of options contribute to web page ideas as well as offer ease of use and better accessibility.

  • Innovative Drag and Drop Features

This is perhaps the killer app of Divi WordPress. Without touching a single piece of code, web designers are able to use the innovative drag and drop feature to effectively create and customize their web pages and websites. This lends to the ongoing theme of accessibility. The drag and drop option works in tandem with the pre-established and constantly updating gallery of themes.

  • In Line Text Editing

Typing on your web page is made easier than ever with this in line text editing option. It is as simple as clicking on your page and typing. With the option to view your drafts at any time, you can always assess your results in real time as you type.

  • Save and Manage your created Designs

Divi WordPress gives you the option to save and manage your designs. This allows you to reuse your pre-established designs and assets. In essence it eliminates the need to redo the same things over and over.

Divi WordPress Theme

Divi WordPress is Marketed as the Website Builder for Everyone!

With its myriad of features and seemingly endless customizability options, Divi WordPress is perfectly positioned to cater to the needs of just about everyone.

  • Website Owners

Divi WordPress with its multiple pre-made designs and visual editor is perfect for beginners and veterans alike.

  • Agencies

What better way to improve team collaboration than building websites using this fast and efficient program? With Divi WordPress, you can build an unlimited amount of websites using one membership. The aforementioned ability to create and save your themes allows for ease in use of things such as logos, or even special page formats that your agency deems standard.

  • Freelancers

Instead of managing dozens of different themes, freelancers are able to easily build client websites with Divi WordPress.

There are two main aspects of Divi WordPress that lend to the aforementioned website construction need.

  • Divi WordPress page builder plugin
Divi WordPress Theme

This essentially houses the tools to build your website. It is a plugin that serves the purpose of enhancing the standard functions found on the WordPress platform.

  • Divi WordPress theme

This works hand in hand with the Divi WordPress plugin. It serves more of a website design purpose, lending itself to the development of the personality of the subject web pages.

How Much Does it Cost to Use Divi Theme and Divi Page Builder?

Long story short, Divi WordPress is basically free. Unlike many of the other web page builders and themes out there that provide a free trial version with limited features, Divi WordPress in essence provides everything that you need to build your web page up front and at no cost. You see, Divi WordPress is hosted on the Elegant Themes platform. It is marketed there with its innovative features thrusted into the limelight for potential users to see. This is complete with visual examples, tutorials and trial options to pull in users.

Elegant Themes in and of itself utilizes a membership style setting, and that is the only point where a subscription fee is charged. Potential web builders pay this modest fee and then have access to the plethora of features available on the Divi WordPress platform at no additional cost.

Right here we see the incredible value of this innovative WordPress builder when compared to other theme and web builders out there. The trial version approach is arguably a weaker competitive approach to that of Elegant Themes and ultimately Divi WordPress

However if the aforementioned value rested in price alone, then we could stop and tell you right now that Divi WordPress has a monopoly in the web themes and web builder market. That is not the case however. There are several factors to consider when analyzing Divi WordPress. Let us compare this innovative web building platform to one of its main competitors.

Divi WordPress Versus Beaver Builder/Beaver Themes

We selected Beaver Builder as it is the closest in comparison to Divi WordPress (and you will see why.)

We looked at the pricing for Divi WordPress earlier and we established that the web building platform in and of itself is virtually free. You basically become a member of Elegant Themes by paying its modest subscription fee and you will have access to the full suite of features that Divi WordPress has on offer. True these features are innovative and user friendly, but there are some who argue that even though Beaver Builders/Beaver Themes takes the more common trial version approach, the platform overall is better than what is offered on Divi WordPress.

For one, Beaver Builders has been praised for its clean code. Like Divi WordPress, the web building platform boasts easy to use features geared towards accessibility. The seamless update option found on the Beaver Builders platform has been the subject of heavy praise. Users say that this stands superior to the features found on many other such platforms. This of course is commendable.

In terms of themes however Beaver Builder/Beaver Themes is thoroughly outclassed by Divi WordPress. The platform as we have stated earlier boasts over eight hundred customized themes with the aforementioned frequent updates having more still. What Beaver Builders offers pales in comparison? Furthermore, the offering of non-licensed photos for free use is a nice touch.

This of course brings us back to price. Are you getting enough value for your money when investing in Divi WordPress as opposed to Beaver Builder/Beaver Themes? Well, this depends on how you look at it. On one hand, Beaver Builder/Beaver Themes is clearly the more stable of the two. Its code is clean and this lends to the stability of the web building platform. However Divi WordPress is no slouch. This web building platform while by no mains possesses the stability of Beaver Builder/Beaver Themes does deliver a competent enough experience. The suite of features are easy to use. The themes are more varied and lend towards the concepts of individuality and creativity.

Other than that, both web building platforms are virtually similar. Both use the drag and drop method, which is a method that is highly praised by web page creators. Both are seamless, with the aforementioned features making life easier for both novice web page creators and those who are veterans. By this we mean that the functions are simple enough for newcomers to understand, but possess enough technicality to fill the appetites of the pros who revel in delving into the advanced aspects of web design.

Here is one thing however that people argue may give Divi WordPress the edge over Beaver Builders/Beaver themes. While Beaver Builders/Beaver themes requires the use of multiple plugins for optimal functionality, Divi WordPress is able to utilize its single proprietary plug in to provide the WordPress enhancements.

So maybe it is the fact that Divi WordPress has the backing of Elegant Themes, but in our opinion the web building platform while paling in comparison to Beaver Builder/Beaver Themes in several aspects ultimately beats its competitor. Of course this is our opinion. You may see the highlighted differences and others as swinging in the favor of Beaver Builder/Beaver Themes. We however see a better value in the significantly less costly and feature rich web building platform of Divi WordPress.

Pros of Using Divi WordPress

  • Over eight hundred custom themes
  • A myriad of features
  • The Platform is basically free
  • The platform is very user friendly.
  • Divi WordPress has something for everyone.
  • There is 24/7 customer support.

Over Eight Hundred Custom Themes

As mentioned earlier, Divi WordPress has over eight hundred custom themes. Even better, you get the added bonus of periodic updates to the themes. These updates not only provide additional themes, but also gives users a variety of free use photos that will enhance their web pages and websites. Individuality is very important as web pages and websites are in essence the platforms by which you will market, sell or otherwise engage with your clients.

A Myriad of Features

Divi WordPress is a platform that is bursting with features for your web building needs. These features are easy to use and do an amazing job of not only making things easy for the web designer who is just starting out, but also gives the web building veterans enough to delve into the confines of the technically rich platform.

The Platform is Basically Free

This web building platform is by no means stained by any form of hidden fees. The WordPress extension is basically free. You in essence access its full suite of functions when you subscribe to Elegant Themes. This is in contrast to industry practices. The other players in the market basically offer a trial version of their WordPress extension, with the option to enhance these by paying for the additional features.

The Platform Is User Friendly

Functions are easily understood. In the event that there are any misgivings about particular functions, tutorials are available in a variety of ways.

Divi WordPress Has Something for Everyone

With its apathy to customization, Divi WordPress has the requisite tools to facilitate all web building needs. The platform has templates that facilitate blogs, health, beauty, education etc. It is optimized for freelancers, agencies, and website owners.

There is 24/7 Customer Support

In the event that you have any concerns about, problems with or any other queries about the web building platform or web building as a whole, Divi WordPress through the support of Elegant Themes is facilitated by a team of customer service representatives that are at your convenience. The 24/7 customer service platform is quite effective with its well trained and obviously knowledgeable team members.

Cons of Using Divi WordPress

  • Not as stable a platform as the competitors
  • Finicky if you decide to switch to another platform

Not as Stable a Platform as the Competitors

Earlier we established that there are virtually no other web building and theme platforms that can compete with Divi WordPress in terms of price. Divi WordPress is, in essence, a free to use web building platform. The only instance where a person would pay is when they subscribe to Elegant Themes, the platform that houses Divi WordPress. However just because the web building platform has the most attractive price does not mean that it is the best platform.

In terms of overall quality, we see web building platforms like Beaver Builder/Beaver Themes, Elementor, Astra Pro, GeneratePress and others to be superior in terms of quality. That is by no means to say that Divi WordPress is not a competent web building or web theme platform, we are simply acknowledging the fact that in terms of overall polish, there are better options out there.

Finicky If You Decide to Switch to Another Platform

Using shortcodes, Divi WordPress does its job by creating the user’s page layouts upon request. However should the user decide to switch platforms there may be a problem encountered? This problem known as the shortcode controversy in some circles sees the web page of the user littered with the aforementioned shortcodes if the user decides to switch themes in the future.

Is this a design flaw? Was it intentionally done? We cannot say. We have to just acknowledge this shortcode controversy as it is a real problem. However maybe persons should in fact learn from this and not migrate their web pages or websites from Divi WordPress. WordPress themes are switched too often by users. While it is acceptable that a user may want to keep his or her website fresh by updating the look and overall vibe, it is not necessary to change the platform. You can fundamentally spruce up your website or web page using the theme that you have always used. Divi WordPress is by no means lacking in form, functionality or diversity. Your brand will be more consistent as you take an evolutionary rather than a revolutionary approach to the aforementioned updates.

Top Ten WordPress Builders According to User Reviews


Interface 5 out of 5

Styling options 5 out of 5

Lock in 5 out of 5

Widgets and Templates 5 out of 5

Other Features 5 out of 5

                                                                        Total Score    –           25

Beaver Builder

Interface 5 out of 5

Styling options 5 out of 5

Lock in 5 out of 5

Widgets and templates 4 out of 5

Other features 4 out of 5

                                                                        Total Score    –           23

Divi WordPress

Interface 5 out of 5

Styling options 5 out of 5

Lock in 3 out of 5

Widgets and Templates 5 out of 5

Other features 5 out of 5

                                                                        Total Score    –           23


Interface 5 out of 5

Styling options 5 out of 5

Lock in 4 out of 5

Widgets and templates 4 out of 5

Other features 5 out of 5

                                                                        Total Score    –           23

Thrive Architect

Interface 5 out of 5

Styling options 5 out of 5

Lock in 5 out of 5

Widgets and templates 4 out of 5

Other features 3 out of 5

                                                                        Total Score    –           22

Visual Composer

Interface 3 out of 5

Styling options 4 out of 5

Lock in 5 out of 5

Widgets and Templates 5 out of 5

Other features 5 out of 5

                                                                        Total Score    –           22

Themify Builder

Interface 4 out of 5

Styling options 4 out of 5

Lock in 5 out of 5

Widgets and Templates 4 out of 5

Other features 4 out of 5

                                                                        Total Score    –           20

WP Page Builder

Interface 4 out of 5

Styling options 4 out of 5

Lock in 3 out of 5

Widgets and templates 5 out of 5

Other features 3 out of 5

                                                                        Total Score    –           19

WPBakery Page Builder

Interface 3 out of 5

Styling options 3 out of 5

Lock in 3 out of 5

Widgets and templates 3 out of 5

Other features 3 out of 5

                                                                        Total Score    –           15

SiteOrigin Page Builder

Interface 3 out of 5

Styling options 3 out of 5

Lock in 4 out of 5

Widgets and templates 2 out of 5

Other features 3 out of 5

                                                                        Total Score    –           14

So we see that when comparing the web building platforms that are currently on the market, it is not entirely cut and dry. Some web building platforms simply have better features than others. Some are more robust when it comes to the included widgets and templates. Some win with the overall options as it relates to styling (i.e. shading, font availability, shape dividers, etc.) In the case of Divi WordPress, we see where it falls down in terms of lock in options. This is as a result of the aforementioned difficulty that users will encounter should they decide to switch themes. Divi WordPress however prominently holds its third place rank based on the sheer amount of features that it has. It is slightly beaten by its closest competitor Beaver Builder. This we can argue may be because of the overall quality of the platform as it relates to code, longevity and other factors. As we mentioned before however if this was a competition based on the single merit of price, then Divi WordPress would win hands down. The other web building platforms are characterized by trial version approaches to pricing where a majority of the features are locked behind a paywall with a limited amount available in the trial versions. 

Divi WordPress Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to use the Divi WordPress platform?

A: Divi WordPress in essence is a free web building and web theme platform. The full suite of features, themes and even customized unlicensed photos are available on the Elegant Themes platform. All you would have to do is become a member of the Elegant Themes program by paying a nominal subscription fee. This pricing approach is completely different from that which is used by other platforms. This as they provide you with a trial version of the platform with limited features. The rest of the features are locked behind a paywall.

Q: How is Divi WordPress different from what is offered on the standard WordPress platform?

A: Divi WordPress is essentially an extension to the basic platform of WordPress. Sure it is possible to simply use the WordPress functions to build and edit your websites, but extensions such as Divi WordPress simplifies the web building process in an effort to increase efficiency, save time and generally improve productivity. Simple features like the drag and drop function are nice touches that contribute to and emphasize ease of use. You can check out the enhancements that Divi WordPress provides by visiting the Elegant Themes platform.

Q: How effective is Divi WordPress at allowing me to personalize my websites or web pages?

A: Divi WordPress with its over eight hundred diverse themes gives you virtually all the tools that you need to personalize your web pages and websites. What makes it an even better deal is that the themes are constantly being added to, resulting in even more options as it relates to customization. With all of these themes, free to use custom photos and the suite of functions on the platform Divi WordPress is ideal for any type of website or webpage design. Whether you are a freelancer, agency or web builder the platform is tailored to you. There are themes to facilitate blogs, entertainment, e commerce and many other standard website attributes.

Q: Why should I choose Divi WordPress over other WordPress extensions that are available?

A: Divi WordPress is ranked number three in the top ten WordPress extension rankings. While it may not hold up to some of its competitors in terms of tropes such as lock in, it is far from incompetent when it comes to features. The platform is virtually free. Everything is available up front once you subscribe to Elegant Themes.

Q: How do I install the Divi WordPress web builder?

A: Divi WordPress can in fact be integrated as a plug in. Unlike many of the other web builders out there, all of Divi Word press’s functions are available on the single plug in. This of course contributes to the theme of seamlessness that the platform advertises. Simply install the plugin and all the customizable features are available to you. For more information you can visit the Elegant Themes platform where Divi WordPress is housed.


Earlier we wondered if Divi WordPress was worth the hype. After analyzing this web building platform, we can give a reserved yes. We say reserved because it is impossible to take just one aspect of Divi WordPress and make a judgment based on this one aspect. The web building platform attempts to merge the concept of web building with the concept of web themes to create a wholesale approach to the overall process. What we get as consumers is a moderately functional system that essentially does what you want it to do.

There are many features available on the platform with the aim of making the web building and web editing process as easy as possible. Divi WordPress encourages and supports customization. With it’s over eight hundred available themes. As a result persons who are freelancers, web designers or even agencies will be right at home on this hybrid platform. There are custom themes to support blogs, beauty, education, entertainment, fashion, art and many other standard website staples. There is something on the platform for everybody.

To top it all off, Divi WordPress is virtually free. There are no hidden fees behind this phenomenal web building platform. The only fee that is paid is a subscription fee to elegant themes where the Divi WordPress platform is housed. Once you are a member of Elegant Themes you basically have access to this WordPress extension and can start utilizing it to build and edit your websites and web pages.

So, yes we would recommend Divi WordPress. Yes, the hybrid platform lives up to the hype. While it may fall down in terms of durability, the platform is far from inferior. You can do what you want to do in web creation and web editing. And the lock in problem?  Why would you want to switch platforms anyway if you have access to all the requisite tools, themes and overall functions to create and customize your websites?

We recommend Divi WordPress. It is a competent WordPress extension.

Divi WordPress Theme

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